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★★★ RAIN 雨馨 ★★★★★ύ

★★★ RAIN 雨馨 ★★★

★★ #ToplessDreamyBeauty ★★

★69 HJ★99 HDLY★BM/BF★Room Incl★

Vital Statistics
Name: RAIN 雨馨
Origin: 陕西美眉
Age: 24
Looks: Pls refer to pics
Height: 162cm
Weight: 55kg
Body: 34C/24/33

Other Interesting Facts

♥♥♥ Personality- 活泼可爱, 俏皮甜美, 性感迷人

♥♥♥ Hobbies- Info not provided

♥♥♥ Relevant Experience- 3 years in Inner Mongolia as a masseuse

♥♥♥ Love Nest- Discreet and private

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The services listed are agreed by the lasses themselves after they fill in a questionnaire. We do not cut and paste. Pls request for the services if they are not provided, NOT KEEP QUIET and come KPKB saying you have been smoked. You have every rights to request for the services provided as a paying customer. I choose to keep quiet at the accusations posted at the SBF TCSS thread because i do not want to be further accused of advertising for my lasses on the thread but that does not mean i am admitting to all the absurd accusations.

We pride ourselves on a platform with integrity and the lasses know that not all can come aboard just because they want to pay and we do not take in any Marys, Janes or Lucys. If the lasses do not prove themselves after a month, we have every right not to continue with their advertising when their term expires. Cocky or not, go ask the lasses onboard. They will tell you the straight truth and not the bullshit that the lasses i refused are telling you.

Period. Have faith and have fun here. Else, pls seek your fulfillment elsewhere!

Brand NEW concept, Brand NEW format for your easy reference. With immediate effect, we will only be listing their services for your easy reading. Rest assured that strict QCs are still in place to provide the best for your ultimate enjoyment. No bullshits but good old school authentic massage with a dash of extras.


★★★ Assisted Bath [陪冲凉]

★★★ TOPLESS Authentic FINGER PRESS Massage [半裸正宗指压按摩]

★★★ Boobs Massage/Boobs F**k [波推/乳交]

★★★ Prostrate Maintenance [前列腺保养]

★★★ Chinese Juagen [中式抓根]

★★★ Lymphatic Detoxification [淋巴排毒]

★★★ Coin Guasha [硬币刮痧]

★★★ Back Stepping [踩背]

★★★ Back Kneeling [跪背]

★★★ Face/Head Massage [脸/头部按摩]

★★★ Jelly Temptation [果冻诱惑]

★★★ 69 HJ [69式打飞机]

★★★ 99 HDLY [99式海底捞月]

★★★ Special Traits/特异功能- Dreamy Caressing/Good Conversationlist


Location: CENTRAL

Operation Hours: 11AM-LATE

S$110/60mins/1xHJ Inclusive of Room

HOTLINE: +65 8348 0747

CHINESE only due to language barrier
NO FJ/BJ/BBBJ/Housecalls. Kindly respect her wishes
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