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{Rachel}Sweet~Babe Nude Syt漂亮的性狐狸精拥有&

Please Call Or Text Rachel@ ☎ 9119 5253

Age: 23
Origin : China
Ht/Wt : 160/44
Bustline : 34C 100% NATURAL
Room: Cozy & Clean! Stay Alone: Yes
Language: Chinese & English Smses & Calls Are Welcome

*Rachel had years of massage experince, 100% no bullshit*
*100% REAL PHOTO! 照片保证是她本人!*

[There Is Time Restriction, You May Mix & Match The Following Services Within 60 Mins]

Essence Oil Full Back Aromatherapy Massage 全身香精油推背 / 按摩
*Hard and solid massage with essence oil. She had been working in massage Spa for years and have years of experience in massaging.Love this to the Max! her strength is good & spot on core acupoints. Feel really Good after This!.*

Authentic Traditional Full Body Massage/JAPANESE/THAI Massage 正宗传统全身按摩/泰式/日式按摩
*Authentic full Body massage by professional experienced masseuse skills to relax & de-stressed your tense muscle! walk out a happy man.*

Chinese Mixed Thai Style Massage 中泰式结合按摩
*Love this to the Max! her strength is good & spot on core acupoints. Highly accurate acupoints massage that relieve body tension.Feel really Good after This!.*

Chinese Physician Fingers Massage 中医指压推拿 /全身按摩
*She is a very Experienced Masseuse who know how to apply the correct strength at the right spot to press on your back, massage you fully to soothe and relief fatigue for you! *

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage 头,颈,肩部按摩
*Office workers fall in! She can do great head massage to reduce migraine & headaches. Your shoulder & neck will Loosen Up Too!*

Kneeing Back Massage 跪背
Silk Stocking Seduction 丝袜诱惑
*Balance both her knee on your back & exert right pressure to cure your Backaches.*

Authentic Thai Juagen 正宗泰试抓根
*Your manhood therapy. She will massage acupoints around your balls and penis with good hand movement to boost up your manhood and better Sexual. Damm Good!*

Tongue Licking, Catbath & Roaming 舌尖漫游 / 过水
*Ticklish, tingling, cool licking tongue actions over every inch of your body.SUPER SONG!.*

BooBs Massage /Breast Fxxk 胸推 /感性胸交
*Feel The Stimulations of 2 Gigatic Boobs she love to use her nipples to run though your body and make her nipples hard and erect. Imagine your dick fucking her 100% natural 34C boobs and her soft naked body brushed against yours to give you a deeper sense of excitement and will be taken to a whole new world of ecstasy *

HDLY 海底捞月
*Performing erotic hand movement on your dick and balls and she really do magic hands and her subtle strokes and touches that not only deeply relaxes you but also produces a very exciting effect at the same time.*

69 Deep Throat BlowJob Without Cap 69式深喉无套口交
*Deep throat suction with sucking around your dick head and swirling her vibrating tongue around the corona, strumming the frenulum and underside of the shaft. Working her tongue on dick head and at time. Non Stop!.*

Cums In Mouth口爆
*She will suck it dry if you cannot control!*

Cums On Body/Breast 射身上/射胸
*Fulfill your sexual fantasy and she love to have your spermies on her body as body cream!*

FxxKJob 激情做爱
*YES, Very adaptable & tight poking action.But well prepared! She's a real match for anyone. A libido like hers may prove too much for you to handle and you will need all your energy to keep up with her rhythm. Always motivating you for more, you will be drained of every fluid in your body.Moans With Rhythm!*

Hand job 打飞机
*This Is Her ULTIMATE Showdown! Be Taken Aback By How GOOD She Is Able Pump Your Sexual Adrenaline To Da Max! Her gentle touch with smooth and Magical hands,and slow body touch will make you surrender in no time.*

Attitude & GFE 服务态度/女朋友感觉
*Guarantee good attitude and good massage, highly friendly, Chatty when ice broken, not a time watcher & Gf feel.*

*Services that She don't provides:
Other Services That Are Not Mention Above
Other Initmate Actions Depend On Your Chemistry With Her*:


$100/Body Massage + 1xHJ/60 Mins


$150/Body Massage + 1xBJ Without Cap/60 Mins


$170/Body Massage + 1xFxxKJob/60 Mins
♥♥♥ **Include Room ★★ Clean & Cosy** ♥♥♥

Please Call Or Text Rachel@ ☎ 9119 5253

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